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" Andai kau melihat dia itu baik, doakanlah agar dia terus atas jalan kebaikan . Kerana hakikatnya hanya dia dan tuhan sahaja yang tahu, betapa banyak lompong iman yang terhijab dari pandangan . Dan akan ada ketika akan kau lihat, celanya tampak dan lakunya pincang . Baik itu satu perjalanan, mulanya pada kehidupan dan akhirnya nanti pada kematian . Benar baik atau tidak? Sungguh itu rahsia tuhan . "

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thinking about the future}
Sunday, March 17, 2013 | 11:40 AM | 0Comment


now it's already ten to 2.00 am and i still cant off to bed . sigh . recently, i cant sleep early like before . lotsa thing came across my mind and the most is about my SPM RESULT . 

can nurzawin accept her result with lots of "syukur" and "redha" for what Allah had planned for her ?
where nurzawin's result can bring her ? 
can her result create a smile on the faces that she love ?
how the result affect her future ? 
where is nurzawin after few months later ? 
what she's doing ? 
how she gonna adapt with her new life chapter ? 

and so on . the WH question keep on repeating . non-stop . T_T . seriously, those questions are killing me inside . 

Allah, please ease my path of life . accompany me with Your love and blessing every second . call me back when my steps go wrong . Ya Allah, grant me and my friends with excellent result in spm, straight As . enable us to make our parents and teachers proud of us . there is no one we can ask except from You, Allah . amin amin . 

we plan, and we know You plans too . obviously, Your plan is the best . as the Owner of all the hearts, i ask u Allah, toughened and strengthened our heart to be thankful and 'redha' for whatever result we will get in this 21st march 2013 . amin ya rahman, amin ya rahim. amin ya Allah .