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" Andai kau melihat dia itu baik, doakanlah agar dia terus atas jalan kebaikan . Kerana hakikatnya hanya dia dan tuhan sahaja yang tahu, betapa banyak lompong iman yang terhijab dari pandangan . Dan akan ada ketika akan kau lihat, celanya tampak dan lakunya pincang . Baik itu satu perjalanan, mulanya pada kehidupan dan akhirnya nanti pada kematian . Benar baik atau tidak? Sungguh itu rahsia tuhan . "

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013 | 8:26 AM | 0Comment

Assalamualaikum .

“Put trust in Allah . certainly, Allah loves who put trust in Him” – Al-Imran; 3 : 159

TRUST . just a simple word with 5 letters . and sounds familiar . if u peeped through those letters u would found that there were a big meaning hidden behind . who is the person that u trust the most ? your mom ? your dad ? your boyfriend/girlfriend ? your bestfriend ? nevermind whoever he/she is, but don’t put total trust on them . the fact in life is that, u cant just simply trust others . why ? because there are no world resident that could be trusted … 100 % . seriously . ok, lemme ask u .

have u ever cheated ?? or have u ever being deceived ? surely the answer would be YES right ?? could u see that ?

obviously, that’s the prove that the person that u could trust 100% didn’t exist . im not saying that u cant trust people at all . no-no . understand me, as what I said before “people that can be totally trusted” are not exist but “people that can be trusted” exist . get me ? good J .

so, why I brought up this topic ? well, there were 2 points .
  •  Allah is the one and only that u can put 1000000% trust on Him . yes, only ALLAH . He never breaks his promises . not like what human love to do . read Quran and there u would found the wonderful promises from Allah for those who obey Him and He also promises that there were tremendously painful punishments for those who ignore His orders . moreover, only Allah deserves our trusts and hopes because He is the one who can fulfill our wishes . human cant .

  •  Expecting the unexpected . just to beware . why ? because people that we trust 100% might possibly turn to become a backstabber or someone that we never taught they could be . when it happened, the pain was really unbearable . I’ve gone through it once . disappointed, frustrated, emotionally disturbed and the feeling like your high trust on them being knocked to the ground and shattered . for them to be trusted again, I think it is impossible . but if the trust exist again, maybe just 5% . perhaps . from now on, I do rather become secretive and keep my business to myself .

So why could this sort of thing happened ? well, from my view, people change and sometimes people lose in syaitan’s game or Allah wanna test us . so then, plan well . make sure we strengthen our iman everyday . trust Allah, in His tests there must be a lot of beautiful lessons for us to learn . and  the thing that happened to me had taught me a lot and thanks for that guys J . even it was in the hard way .

oh, by the way if someone told u that they classified u as "people that can be trusted", dont make them regret by doing so . note this . till here for now, Assalamualaikum .