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" Andai kau melihat dia itu baik, doakanlah agar dia terus atas jalan kebaikan . Kerana hakikatnya hanya dia dan tuhan sahaja yang tahu, betapa banyak lompong iman yang terhijab dari pandangan . Dan akan ada ketika akan kau lihat, celanya tampak dan lakunya pincang . Baik itu satu perjalanan, mulanya pada kehidupan dan akhirnya nanti pada kematian . Benar baik atau tidak? Sungguh itu rahsia tuhan . "

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Add Maths Camp}
Sunday, December 18, 2011 | 1:10 AM | 2Comment

Assalamualaikum ..
  1. Myself  (checked )
  2. spare brain  (checked )
  3. handphone  (checked )
  4. calculator  (checked )
  5. test pad  (checked )
  6. stationary  (checked )
  7. camera  (checked )
  8. clothes  (checked )
  9. toiletries  (checked )
  10. mp3 + headphone  (checked )
now, i'm done packing all those things . PARIS, here I come !! haha . just kidding . actually tomorrow i'm going to attend a camp . yeah, a CAMP ! it's sounds great ! what camp ? camp fire ? camp-pink ? non of those T_T . it is add maths camp . I repeat, ADD MATHS CAMP <---- complete with caps lock, bold, italic, underline and coloured . haha . staying at the hostel of sekolah menengah kebangsaan agama kedah for 4 days 3 nights . is it going to be good ? . hopefully . 

firstly i heard about this camp, i was too eager to attend the camp since my add maths result is tremendously disaster . pity me :( . It's really torturing when I'm thinking too much about it . so, i better do something that can change my add maths result to become something that i love to think about . A++ maybe ? haha . well, sometimes we should be dare to dream ! not just dreaming about getting A+ for add maths . maybe we can dream to have trillion of cash in wallet or have a chance to travel around the world without missing any single country . yeah, sounds irrelevant but who cares ?? haha . without a dream life would be dull and aimless .

#out of the topic haha . ok stop nagging awin .

back to the topic : i dont know why i suddenly feel afraid to go to the camp . why ? maybe because i dont have a friend that will go to the camp together . my mind always think something negatively . oh, come on laa  .

dear my mind, can you please do me a favor ?? please think positively once ! stop thinking nonsense . you dont wanna go to the camp just because you are alone ??  it doesn't make any sense at all ! that is the chance for you to make new friends and experience . so just go !! #okay, i'll go then ! . 

Hopefully everything runs smoothly, and i can go through the camp with joy . and the main point is i can gain a lots of knowledge there . Aminnn ~~ . okay, till here then . my bed starts shouting me at the highest pitch . haha . so, gotta go . bubbye !

sticky note :

  • please ignore my bad english, after this i should go to english camp maybe ? haha
  • can u see how much i love you, add maths ?? *note this